Long Lost Specials (Help Wanted!)

I get emails all the time from people who are trying to track down a certain special that they remember from years before, but just can't find. More often than not, that special turns out to be Witch's Night Out, and everyone ends up happy.

But, impossible though it seems in this, the age of the internet, a few specials seem to have vanished into the ether, and no amount of googling has turned up any information on them. Here are a few long lost specials - if you have any information about them, please post to the comments - and leave YOUR long lost special requests there, too!


Unknown - a late 80s/early 90s special that mixed humans and puppets and included something about Frankenstein's monster and a made scientist. Not "The Wickedest Witch." Ring a bell to anyone?

"BOO!" (title uncertain) - an SNL type show featuring Dracula, the Wolf Man, etc, doing comedy sketches. It opened with Dracula saying "Dead, from television city in Transylvania, it's BOO!" One sketch had Dracula rising in his coffin, stake in chest, saying "and these are my friends?" This aired as an afternoon special in Philadelphia in the early 80s - it could have been a local thing.    


A commenter named Christopher dug up an ad, and believes it aired in 1980, 82, and 83. The ad is a treasure trove of names that should ease the search:

This does clarify a bit about this most elusive of specials; it was a Canadian program; a CBC "Super Special," which first aired October 26, 1980, and was re-broadcast on CBC and in some American local markets over the next few years. You can see the intro they used for superspecials at the time here.

UPDATE: FOUND in 2018!

Looking for a special yourself? Have any information on these, even if it's just a vague recollection of one of the long lost specials? Found one online? PLEASE, leave a comment!


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