1995: The State's 43rd Annual Halloween Special

The State - the popular MTV comedy troupe from mid 90s - got a prime time network shot from CBS in 95. They used it to do this, their "43rd Annual (and final) Halloween Special," with clips of various celebrities talking about watching their previous 42 specials over the years. Clever, but it didn't live up to the standard of the rest of their output. As they say in the opening song, "They promised us a series if this last one goes well / we've got a better shot making snowmen in hell." It was CBS' loss, though. Why do they offer deals to talented people and then NOT give them creative control?

Most clips weren't all that Halloween oriented, but it's worth searching out just for the opening song.
You can usually find this on youtube nowadays.

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C-Man said...

Happy Halloween!!!!


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