Beavis and Butt-Head: Cornholio : Lord of the Harvest

This hour long episode has a lot to recommend it - the animation is an improvement over the early episodes (which may be said to take some of the fun out of it).

One knows, of course, what happens when beavis eats the candy he gets while trick or treating - he becomes The Great Cornholio. All goes well until he stumbles into an old barn, where a homicidal maniac hangs him up on a hook and then hacks him to bits with a chainsaw. I hate it when that happens.

This is about what you'd expect from a Beavis and Butt Head cartoon. It's rude, it's crude, and it's really very funny. Sure, these guys were idiots, but people who complained about them sort of seemed to be missing the point. This was not a show that promoted stupidity - it was a show that showed how stupid people raised on MTV would grow up to be. Their comments on the videos made for some of the sharpest satire of the 90s.

As Kevin Smith has noted a decade ago, MTV really should go back to showing more messed up puppets and screwed up cartoons. It was popular even years ago to note that MTV had put videos on a back burner (even Butt Head once noted, circa 1993, that MTV "used to show music videos, but now they just show pictures of people snow boarding) or something to that effect. But there were still a few hours of videos in those days. Now, it's just modelling competitions and shows about rich brats. Music only turns up in the middle of the night. People raised on MTV (and other such pop culture) in the 80s and 90s might have turned into Beavis and Butt Head, but what of the kids who watch it now? Can we afford to buy them all sports cars in this economy?

As Halloween specials go, this one is a change of pace. There's no "local witch who turns out to be nice" OR disco dancing or ANY attempt to be kid friendly. It's funnier than most of the others, and, while it doesn't have much of a "halloweenish vibe" to it (the kind you get mainly by having a lot of colorful leaves in the background), it's still a lot more watchable than, say, The Smurfs "The Littlest Witch." If you're doing a marathon viewing of Halloween shows, it's a good one to throw into the mix when you want something that's actually funny, not just nostalgic fun, after a handful of bad ones.


C-Man said...

Poor Beavis & Butthead

Anonymous said...

i wanted to watch this but can't even find any MENTION of it on the net outside of this post!


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