For Better or For Worse Halloween

What do you know? They have Halloween in Canada!

There've been a handful of cartoon series based around this strip - the Halloween episode, which takes place around the time Michael, the son, is 14 or so, is from the early 90's incarnation.

The plot deals with Michael's attempts to avoid a bully around Halloween, and features a fairly bad song (is "come out, come out, the goblins are out!" something kids yell at Halloween in Canada?).

This special isn't required viewing, but one should note that the bar is set pretty high here - other comic strips that have had Halloween specials include Garfield and Peanuts, both of which went down as legends in the annals of Halloween Specials. This one doesn't quite live up to it, but you can't blame 'em for trying.


Anonymous said...

I've been looking all over the internet for the for better or worse halloween special and no one has heard of it but i Watched it when I was a little girl and i enjoyed it very much.I'm glad this website is aware of it :)

Anonymous said...

So where could I find a link?

Anonymous said...

This can be found on

Part 1:

Part 2:

Anonymous said...

I used to love this special!!! I would only see it on the Disney channel, & I had this on a VHS tape along with the Halloween that Almost Wasn't, a Disney Halloween, & the Pumpkin who couldn't smile. It may be a little corny, but I love it still! My sister & I would always giggle when that dopey song would come on, "Come out, come out, the goblins are out!" Great flick!


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