Pound Puppies: Ghost Hounders

Long before The Ghost Hunters hit the sci-fi channel, "Ghost Hounders" was the most popular TV show in Pound Puppy land. I suppose it's worth noting that the Pound Puppies thought that Milwaukee was THE place to be - as a direct result of this show, I grew up under the impression that Milwaukee was one of the five or six biggest, flashiest cities in the USA. I suppose you might say the writing on this show was a notch above average based on this alone.

Here, the Pound Puppies, led by the ever-amiable Cooler, takes on the Ghost of the Terrible Terrier, with the help of Biff Barker, Ghost Hounder. The Terrible Terrier insists that puppies move out of their home by midnight. It's a pretty entertaining episode, but, like most Halloween-themed episodes of saturday morning cartoons, if you aren't that interested in the characters in the first place, it's hard to get into the show. But, as I mentioned, the writing is pretty smart compared to what you saw on most saturday cartoons in the 80s - especially those shows that focused on licensed characters. Not necessarily required Halloween viewing, but better than a lot other shows in its category.

Here it is!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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C-Man said...

Long Live The Pound Puppies!!!!


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