Super Mario Brothers Super Show: Count Koopula (whole show video)


Video gaming seems to be a bit more of a selective hobby among kids today - in the late 80's, Nintendo was a way of life for all of us. Even those of us who didn't HAVE a Nintendo. The only problem my friends and I had with the movie The Wizard (which critics rightly noted was a movie-lengthed Nintendo commercial) was that it could have used MORE Nintendo (though we did wonder how the girl knew what the warp whistle did if she'd never seen the game before). It's no wonder the Mario Bros. got their own show, and amazing that it took as long as it did for them to get a live action movie. Unfortunately, neither the movie nor the show lived up to our expectations. Not enough Nintendo scenes, I guess.

This isn't exactly a Halloween episode - the live action sequence deals with a visit from Blackstone, the magician who I remember seeing on The Bozo Show from time to time.

Then comes "Count Koopula," the first animated segment. Koopa sends a vampire bat to steal Mario and co's spaghetti to lure them into his castle - apparenlty,now Koopa WANTS Mario and company to come to their castle, instead of setting up obstacles to keep him away. Maybe it was discrepencies like this that kept my friends and I from loving this show. I don't remember for sure - it certainly wasn't as well-liked as "Captain N: the Gamemaster."

This is still worth watching just to see Captain Lou Albano singing "Come On Do the Mario." It's a dance that even I can do, and I can't even drop it like it's hot, despite my wife's best efforts to teach me to do so.



Or, spare yourself the episode, and just watch Cap'n Lou in action!


C-Man said...

Count Dracula Or Koopula

Anonymous said...

This show was way more loved then Captain N. Most people treated this as the Halloween episode. It aired around Halloween.


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