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Hi, everybody!  Autumn is rolling around again; any day now Trader Joe's will be bringing back the spiced cider, my ghost tour work load will go from 4-6 tours per week to 10-14, and the traffic on this page will skyrocket. 

I get about 99% of my traffic in October, so that's why I do most of my posting on this site. I expect a few new posts this year, and I'm trying to replace multi-part youtube links with single files wherever possible.  I still will not be posting download links to most shows; that isn't legal and saying "I don't own this" doesn't make it so; a few copyright holders in particular are vigilant about getting stuff like that taken down, and I want to keep this page going. 

There will, however, just be a FEW new posts, for the simple reason that I'm running out of stuff to add. I could branch into reviewing Halloween episodes of Perfect Strangers, as I did with a few cartoon series, but I don't want this page getting too bloated, to be honest. I want to keep the focus on that wonderful art form that is the Halloween special. I've got just about all of those covered now. 

If you really want to hear more out of me, I do frequently update the The Chicago Unbelievable blog , which talks about history and ghostlore in Chicago. I'll have three new "e-singles" on those topics out via Llewellyn Press on October 1st. I also run a blog called Playground Jungle, which all about tracing the history of songs and rhymes that we all learned on the playground as kids (most are a lot older than we thought), though at this point the site is growing more from comments than anything I could add myself. 

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Anonymous said...

I didn't see a review of the Angry Beaver's Halloween Special: The Day the Earth got Really Screwed Up. It's a lot of fun.


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