Legend of Sleepy Hollow (made for TV move - Odyssey Channel 1999)

This was released to TV right around the same time as the Tim Burton version hit theatres, which caused a bit of confustion at the time.

This version stays rather true to the orginal, even having the story be framed by scenes in which the tale is told to Deidrich Knickerbocker, which makes it the first movie to mention Knickerbocker that I can think of offhand.

The movie plays up the gold-digging jerk side of Ichabod, and differs from Irving's text chiefly in its attempts to make Katrina a more sympathetic character. The portrayal of Ichabod as a vain jerk who thinks he's a whole lot better than the local yokels (though he's willing to join them if he can marry Katrina) is similar to the way they portrayed Ichabod in the Will Rogers version.

Visually good, if not particularly striking. Certainly better than the Goldblum version, and probably more watchable today for most viewers, than the Will Rogers version, but the best versions are both very funny and very spooky - and this is a little bit of both, but not enough of either.


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