The Littles Halloween Episode

On Halloween, The Littles' battle a black cat, which, since they're so little, is the size of a giant.

Meanwhile, the kid in whose air vent they live hears stories about an old man who lives in the local haunted house, where, according to the rumor, he turns kids into cats. He and the littles launch separate investigations. While no one ends up getting any candy, the old man turns out to be a good guy. I can't imagine you saw THAT one coming.

But, hey. I've seen worse. They don't make cartoons quite like this anymore - I never really watched it as a kid, but just watching that STYLE of cartoon brings back memories.

Here's the full episode:


k_sunshine1977 said...

i used to watch this every saturday as a kid...and then they showed it on the family channel in repeats for a while in the 90s....they need to put this show on dvd! :(

k_sunshine1977 at yahoo dot com

C-Man said...

Happy Halloween!!!!

GaryBoz said...

I used to watch this show growing up. Great find here!


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